Celebrities are Having an Increased Influence on Baby Names

Celebrity baby Name Craze

It is a common question that women are asked during pregnancy – what will they name their baby? Now, it seems that celebrities have been influencing a great deal of recent moms and dads, according to the Chicago Tribune. These findings come about from the Social Security Administration.

“Five years ago, I might have said that the biggest overarching factor was personal meaning,” Pam Satran, the developer of Nameberry.com, told the news source. “Now, the biggest factor is celebrities.”

A recent favorite is Pippa, after Kate Middleton’s sister, who received a lot of buzz after the royal wedding. Elula, which is the daughter of actress Isla Fisher and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen are also on the list of celebs with influential names. Flynn is another popular one, analysts believe is due to the name of actor Orlando Bloom and his wife model Miranda Kerr’s son. There was also a boost in the name Mila, which is believed to be after actress Mila Kunis, the media outlet reports.

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