Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis are Expecting First Baby

Comedian Charlie Day Going to be a Dad

Comedian Charlie Day and his wife, actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis, recently
announced that they are expecting their first child this December, according to
People Magazine.

Day, who co-stars with his wife on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,”
announced his news to the magazine at a Maxim and FX party at the San Diego
Comic-Con on Friday, the media outlet reports.

This isn’t the first pair on the hit FX show to welcome a baby, which is why
Day and Ellis feel a little more prepared. The couple’s co-stars Rob McElhenney
and Kaitlin Olson, are also together, and welcomed their first son Axel Lee this
past September, according to the news provider.

“People are always willing to give you free advice when you have a baby on
the way, so we’ve gotten more than our fair share – and honestly, we’re gonna
need it!” Day joked with the publication.

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