Choosing Affordable and Appropriate Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts

Tough to Find that Perfect Newborn Baby Gift

When a baby is born choosing an affordable and appropriate personalized newborn gift is tough. Most women are given baby showers and have all the required gear needed to take care of a newborn, so what else is there? Something that both a new mother and baby can enjoy is “Mommy” or nursing necklaces. Helping a mom feel good about herself these necklaces are pretty and stylish.

Nursing or Teething Necklaces

These necklaces can be found online and in birthing boutiques. Made out of safe acrylic or bead, these types of necklaces can provide stimulation for your newborn when nursing of feeding from a bottle. With colors personalized for either a birth month or a new mom’s favorites, this is a great gift for a mother and baby to share. Just be sure to check it has been specified as a “nursing” or “teething” necklace.

A newborn can only see a few inches in front of them, but the bright colors in a Mommy necklace will stand out and help them¬†practice¬†focusing. Providing excellent sensory focus, a nursing or “mommy” necklace will help a fussy eater get through a nursing session by engaging your baby.

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