Great Cold Weather Tips for Babycare – Bathing and Dry Skin

Babies Need Special Care During Colder Months

During the colder months even babies need special care. Like most adult, babies have sensitive skin that requires protection from the elements.  Cold air can dry out skin and cause irritation and itchiness. Unfortunately babies are not exempt from this and dry skin can cause a cranky baby.

One way to reduce the amount of dry skin your baby suffers, is to limit baths. A newborn does not need to be bathed everyday and is better to only be bathed once or twice a week. A sponge bath(or washcloth) is perfect for leaning baby’s hands feet and face. Avoid over washing and stripping your child’s skin of its natural moisturizers.

If your baby is suffering form very dry skin, ask your pediatrician to recommend a safe moisturizer. Many women use breast milk to ease their newborn skin conditions as it is full of vitamins and natural emollients.

Keep Baby Warm After a Bath

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