Colds and Flu Alert: Keeping your Newborn and Infant Safe

Cold and Flu Season Vs Baby

It can be scary  having a baby during the colder months that are notorious for being cold and flu season.  While protecting your newborn against a cold and the flu is a big job, a few simple tips will help as you keep your baby safe.

The rule of thumb with a newborn is to keep them out of places with large crowds for the first two months. Newborns have also not received their immunizations before this time and are more susceptible to illnesses. Stay out of shopping centers, supermarkets, churches and large parties with a baby under two months old.

Another great idea is to provide any guests coming to your house with some antibacterial gel. Do not worry about offending anyone, this will only protect your baby from getting sick. If an antibacterial product is not available, simple ask anyone visiting to wash their hands before holding the baby.

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