Creatively Nicknaming Your Unborn Baby Is Fun

Please Meet “Baby Bun”

Nobody has met “Baby Bun” yet because he or she isn’t born. “Baby Bun” is the fun and creative nickname my friend Jill uses for her little baby that she’ll deliver in a few months. Choosing a creative nickname for your baby can be a fun experience for excited parents and it is a great diversion for them while they wait for the little one’s arrival. They also make for great stories!

Photo Credit: Tanya_Little

Lots of parents-to-be give their babies nicknames while they’re still in their mommy’s belly. Often times, like in the case of Baby Bun (as in Bun in the Oven), the name comes along soon after the mom finds out she’s pregnant. Since it’s too early for a gender-revealing ultrasound, it’s a more personal way of referring to the little one who will show up in a few months time.

A new mom, my friend Rach, gave her blog its name (Life with Baby Donut) because Donut was the name they had for their little girl in her belly.

Cute and Humerous

Some names are cute, some are more humorous. I have a friend who named her baby “Cletus the Fetus,” which I think is hysterical. Another was “Zygote Zally” (no joke).

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