Creatively Nicknaming Your Unborn Baby Is Fun

I personally never gave nicknames to my babies before they were born – other than the week I referred to my oldest as “The Crypt Keeper” because that’s what he looked like in his 16-week ultrasound. However, sometimes older siblings provide the nickname. When I was pregnant with my third, we asked my oldest son what we should name the baby. His answer: “Baby Funkytown.” And since we didn’t decide on a name for him until the week before he was born, “Baby Funkytown” was the nickname that EVERYONE used for about 6 months.

In fact, when I sent out an email announcement after his birth the subject line said: “Baby Funkytown is Here and His Name Is…” – and then I revealed his newly-decided-upon name in the body of the email.

These Nicknames can Last After Birth

Of course, there are also parents who begin calling their baby by their chosen name as soon as they find out the gender, but I say you may as well have fun with it now because I don’t think any kid will want to be named Zygote Zally in Kindergarten.

What creative nicknames did you have for your baby? How did you come up with it? Please leave your creative nicknames in the comment section below.


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