Fertility Yoga: Help or Hype?

No study has yet proven fertility yoga increases pregnancy rates and most yoga practitioners shy away from calling it a “cure,” but still, the overall health benefits of the practice make it worth the effort.

Fertility yoga may not directly and definitively result in conception, but it can indirectly make a significant difference.

Fertility yoga

Unlike other variations of yoga, fertility yoga focuses primarily on “restorative” poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) aimed at stress relief. Participants are encouraged to release their fears, calm their nervous system, and relax the mind and body. How does this help? The tangible benefits of fertility yoga are two-fold: stress-relief and support.

Yoga as a Stress Buster
When infertility taxes the mind, body and bank account, it‘s impossible not to stress. In fact, researchers have likened the stress levels of infertile women to those with cancer, AIDS and heart disease. The catch-22 here: Stress is not good for the reproductive system.

A study recently published in “Fertility and Sterility” linked stress with delayed conception. Though psychological factors are rarely the primary cause of infertility, it’s become clear that stress can impede the reproductive process. The study also found pregnant if they take part in a stress reduction program. Managing stress may prove to be a natural solution for some diagnosed with infertility.

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