A Look at What to Expect During Early Pregnancy

It’s very common for mom to experience many different feelings about the pregnancy.  She may also feel anxious or uncertain about the changes in her life, and/or very excited at the same time. It’s very normal to have these feelings change on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

Changes in Weight

Average weight gain in the first trimester is around five pounds, though many women will gain less or even lose a few pounds.  Weight loss is usually a result of nausea and vomiting making it difficult to eat.

Lifestyle Changes

There are a few changes that mom will need to make, beginning with her positive pregnancy test.  Raw or undercooked meats and fish should be avoided, as should alcohol and tobacco.  Caffeine is okay in moderation; the current recommendations are no more than one or two small cups (6 ozs) of coffee each day are okay.  Mom should also avoid unpasteurized juices and cheeses.

Mom goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes during early pregnancy, but knowing what to expect during the first trimester can make these changes a little easier.

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