4 Creative Tips for Surviving Bedrest

Photo Credit: arboresce from Flickr

There are Various Reasons for Bedrest

Women may be placed on bedrest for various reasons. Sometimes the woman has a medical complication or is carrying multiples, so she is at a higher risk for going into preterm labor. It can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating for a woman if she has to stay in bed; however, there are few fun things she can do while she protects not only her health, but that of her baby’s, as well. Surviving bedrest is possible by following a few creative tips.

1) Plan a Movie Night in Your Room

If you have other children, consider planning a weekly movie night in your room. Rent movies through programs like Netflix, and enlist your spouse and older children to make treats and snacks. Dim the lights and spend the evening pretending you are out at the movie theater.

2) Have a Baby Shower from Home

If bedrest has left you unable to attend an actual baby shower, consider having one from your home. Ask your spouse, family members or friends for help with decorating. Bring the laptop to bed and start emailing the people who would like to come. You can create baby registries directly online through numerous retailers, so you will never have to leave the house. If you are not feeling up to a big party, you can still shop online and register items that you need for the new baby.

3) Make a Weekly Planner

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