Healthy Pregnancy Tips for the First-Time Mom

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The Healthiest Pregnancy Possible

When you’re a first-time mom-to-be, you will want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Unexpected complications can always strike when you least expect them, but you can maximize your chance of having an easier pregnancy by staying fit, eating right, and staying as healthy as you can. Check out these healthy pregnancy tips to help you on your nine-month journey!

tips for a healthy pregnancy
  • Schedule a pre-pregnancy check-up to make sure that you’re in good health and can handle carrying a baby in your womb for 40 weeks.
  • When you’re pregnant, make time for moderate exercise – at least thirty minutes a day on most days of the week. Exercise during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for your body and your baby. It helps you maintain the recommended weight for your size; it eases your pregnancy discomforts; and it may help labor and delivery move along faster.
  • One of the most important healthy pregnancy tips – take your prenatal vitamin on a daily basis. You can buy these multivitamins over the counter at your local pharmacy, or you can get a prescription from your doctor. Your prenatal vitamins need to have at least 0.4 mg of folic acid (folate).
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet. You’re “eating for two” now, so you have to pay attention to your food choices. Make sure that you get a good helping of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole wheat grains, and dairy. Follow the USDA’s MyPlate to help you eat right.
  • Have regular prenatal visits with your obstetrician, midwife, or other healthcare provider. This is a vital healthy pregnancy tip. Prenatal visits can keep track of you and your baby’s health, so that if complications happen to arise, they can be caught early.
  • Drink plenty of water and other fluids during the day. Keeping hydrated is a healthy pregnancy tip that will help ease some pregnancy discomfort – such as swelling, constipation, and gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol when you’re pregnant. This is a vital pregnancy health tip that all moms-to-be need to abide by.

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