How to Soothe a Baby’s Tears

Communication is Difficult with Baby

When adults are angry, frustrated or sad, they are able to tell other human beings how they feel, a luxury that is not afforded to the smallest of babies who have not yet learned to speak. Although we often use tears to express extreme emotion (that is often sad), babies use crying as their only form of communication, so their tears come more frequently.

Still – it can be difficult for new parents to hear their child constantly crying, and can cause mothers and fathers to feel as though they are doing something wrong or not doing something that they should be, which usually is not the case. If you have an extremely fussy baby, the first step toward soothing her is to try to understand the cause of her tears.

Children are remarkably fast learners and often have a lot to say to the world. Before they can talk, they must say it with tears! Sometimes crying will signal a certain need like a dirty diaper or bottle refill, but often moms need only to give babies a little bit of extra attention to soothe a tearful tot.

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