Celebrity Kim Kardashian Ready to Get Pregnant

Newlywed Kim Kardashian Wants to be a Mom

Newlywed Kim Kardashian says she “can’t wait to be a mom,” according to MTV News. Kardashian, 30, who recently married NBA player Kris Humphries, told the audience at the MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday that she “hopes it happens soon,” the news source reports.

The reality TV star recently announced at a party that she would love to be pregnant at the same time as her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. Khloe and husband Lamar Odom have been trying for a baby and Kourtney, who already has a son, Mason, wants to have another.

The Kardashian sisters may want to makeover their diets to become as fertile as possible. According to the American Pregnancy Association, more and more research is proving that food and nutrition have a close connection with fertility health.

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