How to Manage Work and Pregnancy

Many Women Work Through Their Pregnancies

Many women continue to go to work throughout their pregnancies. This is particularly feasible in fields that offer flexible work schedules, and those that don’t require strenuous manual labor. If you’re considering keeping a 9 to 5 job during your pregnancy, the following information can help you feel comfortable all day long.


Stock up on iron and protein-rich foods like green veggies, seafood and poultry. Have healthy snacks on hand to keep your blood sugar level and help minimize fatigue. A daily dose of fiber can also ease indigestion.


Regular physical activity can help you maintain a higher energy level. Consult with your doctor to establish a routine that meets your needs. While you’re at work, take a few breaks to walk around and stretch a bit, as this can prevent swelling around your ankles and feet.

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