Nursing vs. Formula: What Should You Consider?

Choosing Breast or Bottle-fed

Choosing whether a newborn child should be breast or bottle-fed is an
extremely difficult and personal decision that each and every woman has to make
for herself – but while the final decision lays with the individual mother,
there are informational resources that can help to construct an argument for
both sides. Here are the top reasons for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding a

An Important Element of Newborn Development

As breast milk is a natural substance, many argue that it is an important
element of newborn development and that refusing to share milk with a child can
harm his chances of development. Because it is genetically engineered inside the
mother, breast milk contains all of the nutrients that a baby could ever need
(you can breastfeed for years and years!) and the proteins and antibodies
contained in the milk can help to fight off infection and ease digestion. Plus,
breast milk is free.

Breastfeeding can be Painful

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