Over 40 & Pregnant? You’re in Good Company!

Madonna: Madge, the consummate trend-setter, gave the 40+ club her stamp of approval when she delivered her son Rocco at 41.

Marcia Cross: This Desperate Housewife didn’t let anything stand between her and her desire to conceive. With the help of IVF, Cross welcomed her precious twins Eden and Savannah at 44.

Running Maternity

The Hard Truth

Fertility: All fun aside, getting pregnant later in life can be a struggle. Apart from declining fertility, the rate of miscarriages is higher, and IVF is less “miraculous.” Nevertheless, more women find themselves beating the odds. But the struggles don’t end here.

Medical Prejudice: The medical community has a label for mothers over 35: AMA, meaning “advance maternal age.” Once labeled, some midlife mothers are treated like accidents waiting to happen. From more rigorous testing to labor inductions, prenatal care providers can add to a mother’s anxiety.

Public Prejudice: Midlife mothers can be branded as selfish women who placed their careers and personal lives over family. Remember Murphy Brown? Not only was she over 40, but she was single and pregnant. Although the public consciousness is less accepting of older mothers, celebrities are helping to remove the negative stigma attached to being 40+ and pregnant.



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