Sleep Strategies for Your 6-month-old Baby

Sleeping Baby – Photo Credit: Kevin_Quinn1

Is Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night?

As your baby grows, new skills will emerge. One of these wonderful skills is longer lengths of sleeping, especially through the night. Of course not every baby will sleep through the night at this age while others have been for weeks. Curious how to encourage better sleep in your six month old?

Sleeping Baby

There are many methods of sleep strategies around and each parent has to decide what will work best for their family.

The Cry-it-out Method

These suggestions are for mothers who want very little tears.  Among the heaps of information available, a gentle approach, is difficult to find. This does not mean it cannot be done. If the idea of letting your baby cry alone at night makes you uncomfortable, you are not alone.

Just because the generation before you or the one before that advises a parenting technique does not mean it is correct(or will work for you). This goes for sleep training as well.  If your mother tells you she used Cry-It-Out or another sleep training method of putting you to sleep as an infant, remember that was her way. It does not have to be the only way of helping your six month old baby sleep better.

After years of studying sleep and various methods, we know that babies benefit from different sleep strategies.  A few popular approaches are easy to follow but require a bit more patience than some traditional methods. Just like all other milestones, a baby will need a customized approach to sleeping through the night.

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