Study: Breastfeeding Could Prevent Asthma Development

Link Between Breastfeeding and Asthma

A recent report, conducted by researchers from Generation R Study at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, found evidence that if a mother breastfeeds her infant for the
first six months of his or her life, there is a better chance that the baby will
not develop asthma later in life.

The study, which was published in the European Respiratory Journal, consisted
of the researchers compiling data from questionnaires they gave to nearly 5,000
children. The survey asked if they were breastfed in the first year of their
lives, when it stopped and whether any other milk or solids were introduced.

The results indicated that if the child was never breastfed, there was a
heightened risk of wheezing and dry coughs before they were 4 years old in
comparison to those who were breastfed.

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