Mothers with Breastfeeding Trouble at Risk for Depression?

Link Between Postpartum Depression and Breastfeeding

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently
discovered a link between new mothers who are having trouble breastfeeding and
postpartum depression.

“We found that women who said they disliked breastfeeding were 42 percent
more likely to experience postpartum depression at two months compared to women
who liked breastfeeding,” said Stephanie Watkins, one of the researchers.

In addition, new moms who experienced breast pain during their first couple
of tries were twice as likely to suffer from postpartum than those who did

Alison Stuebe, another researcher, suggested that any mother who is suffering
from any form of depression should immediately tell their doctor, as it is not
something to take lightly. This condition is not something a new mom should feel
she needs to power through on her own. In addition, the health providers who
have patients that fit this criteria should immediately screen them for

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