6 Unique Halloween Costumes for the Pregnant Belly

For this costume, you’ll probably want to pick a celeb that has a very distinctive look. Be sure to have fun with this, exaggerate the details, amp up the hair and make-up.  Finally, be certain to amass props that will clue others in as to who you are or simply wear a name tag.

5) Mother nature/mother earth

Have one of your more artistic friends or family members paint a globe upon your exposed baby bump, top this with a green sports bra or cropped shirt embellished with cut-out fabric leaves and green flowy skirt, plus a ring of flowers around your head. Going as mother earth, wear a black sports bra or crop shirt, black on the bottom, and embellish each with cut-out fabric stars and planets.

6) Shot gun bride

Halloween is the perfect time to poke fun at stereotypes! Just hit up the local thrift shops for a white dress that can work as a bridal gown—be certain it accentuates your bump. Then head over to your area arts & crafts chain and pick up necessities to craft yourself a simple veil made of mesh and tulle, and a silk floral bouquet.

Being pregnant should never stop you from all the Halloween festivities! Have fun utilizing your baby bump this October.

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