What to Expect in Your First Week as a Parent

Heading to the Hospital

Heading to the hospital to give birth to your first child can be a very exciting time, while heading home from the hospital with that newborn baby in hand can be a terrifying experience. For new parents, the first week spent alone with a child is often the most difficult, as it is the first time that couples experience the great pressures and responsibilities that come with creating a life.

Although it can be difficult to adjust to the late night feedings, the lack of sleep and the constant worry that you’re doing everything wrong, couples should make sure to remind themselves and each other that they are in fact capable of handling the monumental task of raising a baby. Asking for help, especially during the first week of a newborn’s life, can make new parents feel more assured about their parenting skills. Grandparents and family friends who have children should be consulted often.

It can be scary to do anything for the first time, and having a life be totally dependent on you is probably the biggest milestone in a couple’s life. Making sure you are in constant communication with your partner, parents and friends can help to make the first week of a newborn’s life less intimidating and more enjoyable for the whole family.

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