Your Baby’s Cold – When to Call the Pediatrician

Baby’s First Cold

Your baby has her first cold. What do you do? First, relax as it will be the first of many colds to come. A few simple tricks will help ease your baby’s discomfort and help everyone in the home get the rest they need.

  • If your baby is under two months of age and running a fever at all this is urgent and needs to be addressed immediately!

A baby with a congested and stuffy nose is no fun. It can cause difficulty breathing while nursing or feeding. The goal is to keep this congestion moving. When it gets hard and “stuck” your baby may feel even worse.

Lay Down with Your Baby

Lying your baby on her back on your lap so she is looking up at you. Put a drop of saline solution in each nostril. This will likely make them squirm and feel as if they have lost their breathe. Do this as needed or when your baby appears to be very congested.

Use the Shower

Another trick is to sit in the bathroom and turn on the shower. Allow the bathroom to become a life size humidifier. Bring some toys a book or anything that will occupy your baby. Do this for about 20 minutes to help relieve some pressure and congestion.

Elevate Your Baby’s Mattress

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